ROMOSS Sense6PS PRO Power Bank 30W Fast Charger 20000mAh External Battery Portable Charger Powerbank

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20000mAh 30W Fast Charging Power Bank

Fully Upgraded-Smaller Size, Larger Capacity

Support Fast Charge for All Apple Devices with the Ultimate

Maximum Power PD30W/27W/20W/18W

Fast Charging Upgrade, Widely Compatible with Fast Charging Protocols

Support fast charge for both mobile phones and tablets30W Fast Charge for Recharging, Fully Charged in 4.3 Hours

Fast charge for both charge and recharge

20000mAh, the Best Choice for Your Trip and Business Travel

100% true large capacityCharge the Mobile Phone and Recharge the Power Bank with the Same Cable

Type-C/Micro USB/Lightning input portAll Three Output Ports Are Fast Charging Ports

Charge 3 devices at the same timeYour Best Companion on the Plane

Comply with international air transport standardLED Intelligent Digital Display

Allowing you to know the charging status throughout the processSmall Current Mode

Charge low-current devices such as Bluetooth headsets and bracelets

Double press the battery level check button on enter the low current charge

Press the battery level check button to exit the low current discharge modeUse More Intelligent Chips

10-layer protection throughout the charging processLow-temperature Fast Charge

Smart Chip/NTC Temperature Control/Not Getting Hot During the Recharging ProcessCertified by International Safety Standards

Obtained the following safety certificationsPackage List


Please note that the given cable doesn’t support fast charge. You can use your own fast-charging cable to activate the fast-charging mode.


Q:①Battery Capacity

Also known as the cell capacity, it refers to the capacity of the cell of the power bank

②Rated Capacity

It is defined as the minimum capacity output permitted by the manufacturer under laboratory conditions. The rated capacity determines how many times the power bank can charge a device.

A: Why is the difference between the battery capacity and the rated capacity? Is it an overstatement?

Q: Not. There is a difference due to the energy lost during the charging.

Digital devices cannot be charged with a cell voltage as low as 3.7-4.2 V, unless the voltage is stepped up to 5 V. Energy loss occurs during the step-up, as well as due to the resistance caused by power transmission through cables and ports.